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Our modern facilities were designed to meet international market standards.

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ESF´s 11,700 m2 processing facility is situated in the heart of Southern Honduras shrimp growing region, ensuring optimal speed and freshness in post-harvest handling.

With a production capacity of over 20 million pounds per year and more than 4.5 million pounds of cold storage space, STB was built to accommodate a wide range of value-added processing, including block, brine and individual quick freezing (IQF).

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At STB we always strive to deliver a safe product of excellence and quality.

We have a in-house laboratory operated by trained lab technicians, where raw materials, work-in-progesss and finished products are constantly monitored to ensure adherence to quality specifications, temperature maintenance and full traceability.

ESF Seafood is in Choluteca, Honduras near the Gulf of Fonseca. 

This area is known for consistently producing the best farmed vannamei shrimp, utilizing extensive farming practices in a sustainable environment where shrimp have been farmed for over 40 years.

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